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I Am The Codyman - by Linda Stubbs


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Have you Made Plans for your dog?

Many of us have planned our estates and decided who will receive our personal possessions but how many have considered what will happen to our beloved dogs. This will not require you to re-write your will but simply add a codicil. This allows you to change it easily as the years pass and the health of your dog changes.

At one time, I had an older dog that had become quite arthritic and deaf. I knew adjusting to a new home would be difficult for him so I requested he be euthanized. He has since passed on, and I now have a healthy happy seven year old. He is a house dog, use to a lot of attention and has never lived with kids. I have arranged his placement with a friend where he will be in similar circumstances. As the years pass and things change I will reevaluate my decision. Only you know what us best for your dog. If you decide to leave him to a friend or relative make sure you ask them ahead of time so they have the opportunity to make an informed decision. This should give you peace of mind that if something happens, your beloved companion will be well and taken care of.


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