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OnLine Press Kit
I Am The Codyman by Linda Stubbs
A lighthearted, poignant, and often funny book that will appeal to readers of all ages. A memorable and original story. It showed how much people can benefit from a little help in the right direction, whether it comes from people or from dogs.
Deborah Kennedy, Associate Professor of English, Saint Marys University

I Am The Codyman is a most fascinating book; as it doesnt fit any one genre. It is suitable for all ages from 12-100.

It is Humorous, Suspenseful, and at times will bring a tear to your eye.

It contains no sex or violence, even though it touches on many of today's social issues.

The main character Cody is saucy and egoistical in his own mind but never shows anything but love and helpfulness.

Youll have to laugh at yourself as you look at life through Cody's eyes.

Table of Contents
January 2000