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Interview questions
OnLine Press Kit

Ideas of questions you might want to ask
Linda Stubbs

1. Is this your first book?

2. How did you come up with an idea of a dog living in a hotel?

3. Is Cody, in the book based on a real dog?

4. Tell us about Cody, what is he really like?

5. How did the name Codyman come from Cody?

6. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

7. Where exactly is the hotel that Cody lives in?

8. What age group is this book written for?

9. Your book has no sex and no violence- can this book be popular without these elements?

10.Do you think there will be a sequel?

11. Does The Codyamn have a web page?

12. Where do you order the Book?

13. Do you have any book signings coming up?

Linda Stubbs



Mail address:

P. O. Box 21018
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Canada, B2V 2G5