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I Am The Codyman


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Cody isn't your average dog. He lives in a hotel-on his own tab, thanks to the generous (if eccentric) will of his dearly departed "mother." Each night, he opens his suite to a hotel guest. And with his sweet face and understanding eyes, hotel guests almost always open their hearts to Cody. Lucky for them,Cody is even smarter than he looks.

Cody, who tells his own story in this book, bravely faces the challenges of his first solo year-a year when he deepens current friendships with hotel employees and forges new relationships with hotel guests and neighbors.Through it all, Cody's incredible sensitivity and uncanny intelligence allows him to solve problems, bring people together, and make the world a better place. After only one year, he has hundreds of people who credit him with their own happiness. After all, he is the Codyman!