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I Am The Codyman by Linda Stubbs
A lighthearted, poignant, and often funny book that will appeal to readers of all ages. A memorable and original story. It showed how much people can benefit from a little help in the right direction, whether it comes from people or from dogs.

Deborah Kennedy, Associate Professor of English, Saint Marys University

I Am The Codyman is a most fascinating book; as it doesn't fit any one genre. It is suitable for all age groups from 12-100.
It is Humorous, Suspenseful, and at times will bring a tear to your eye. It contains No Sex and No Violence but addresses many of todays social issues

The main character, a little white dog, Cody, is sarcastic and egoistical in his own mind but never shows anything but love and helpfulness.

You will just have to laugh at yourself as a human when you look through Cody's eyes.