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I Am The Codyman - by Linda Stubbs
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Let Cody Nudge Your Heart and Whisper to Your Soul
With turbulent times upon us, finding even one character who can breathe life and hope into the hearts of many is refreshing. You will find such a loveable and inspiring character in I Am The Codyman. Cody's subtle canine thoughts about life and people, whisper to us just loud enough to make us think about our own lives. Everyone, adults to teens, will come to love Cody as he gently nudges hearts and whispers to our souls.

The book revolves around Cody, a terrier who lives in a hotel suite- on his own tab, thanks to the generous (if eccentric) Will of his recently departed mother

Cody, who tells his own story in this book, bravely faces the challenges of his first solo year.

A year when he deepens current friendships with hotel employees and forges new relationships with hotel guests and neighbors.
Through out it all, Codys incredible sensitivity and uncanny intelligence allow him to solve problems, bring people together, and make the world a better place.

After All, he is The Codyman

I Am The Codyman is unlike any other novel. It is unique in its narrator, content, and range of readership


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