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I Am The Codyman - by Linda Stubbs
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Once I picked up this , I got hooked!

This author, Linda Stubbs, can write

Her dialogue is flawless. She creates a "voice" for the dog that is uniquely his and she captures the different personalities that move around him. She keeps the emotional suspense up throughout the book: we have romantic liaisons and we can't help wondering what will happen to those we meet.

It's a feel-good story, no doubt about it.

Cathy Goodwin, PhD- Cathy is a writer, speaker and career coach. Silver City Sun-News, New Mexico

. It moved me to tears in some places and laughter in others. If you love dogs youll love this book. It is refreshing to read the English language as it is meant to be, without any profanity. Codyman deals with real life issues of true importance in such a subtle gentle way. Issues of kindness, friendship, loyalty, generosity and spirit. I was left not with a sense of preaching or concrete ,right or wrong answers, but rather a sense of responsibility to my fellow man. Long after I read I found myself wondering how I line up in my treatment and judgment of those around me. One more thing, after reading the The Codyman you become very careful of what you say around your dog.
A must if you love dogs-- Keltie Donnellen from Canada

A story of helping people find happiness,

Linda Stubbs I Am The Codyman is a engaging and entertaining novel about a dog with an unusual talent. Living at a hotel as a bequeathal from his late "mother," Cody has his own suite; each night a hotel guest is allowed to enter and confess their hearts and troubles to the understanding and sympathetic canine. Highly recommended and rewarding reading, I Am The Codyman is a story of helping people find happiness and the insight that comes from trust.
MidWest Review

What a delightful read. A lighthearted, poignant, and often funny that will appeal to readers of all ages. A memorable and original story. It showed how much people can benefit from a little help in the right direction, whether it comes from people or from dogs. We need more than food, water, and shelter in our lives. We also need companionship, love, and imagination, as this story so lovingly tells us.
Deborah Kennedy, Associate Professor of English, Saint Marys University

Unlike most others who start reading which is so good that they

hate to put it down ,well with me, I have great difficulty

in finishing a real good read.

The codyman was one of these.

Each chapter had something which tugged at my heart

and brought both laughter and tears. Cody eventually

became a 4 legged human to me and the kind deeds to the

troubled and less fortunate people made me think of how

most of us slide through life championing our own causes.

also, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the Codymans

sarcastic wit and must commend the author for maintaining

that snap to Codys dialogue.

I look forward to the nextpublication from Linda, but must insist she buy the kleenex tissue for the wimps in the crowd.
Sandy Semple (ex-navy Deep Sea diver & Tugboat Captain)

This is a fun read! It made me laugh out loud, it made me cry. The dog never does anything that any ordinary dog wouldn't do, yet the author takes us right into the mind of the dog and gives us a viewpoint that most people don't think of. That's what makes it so funny - yet so real! I actually look at my dog differently now! It is written in short sections which makes it easy to pick up for short periods of time. Of course, I didn't always want to put it down after a short period of time! I read it quickly because it was so enjoyable.
J Pomeroy from NH, USA

I am 19 and I just had to tell you I loved your Codyman!!!! :o) I dont read anything...I don't really even bother with mags or anything....but when I saw The Codyman and Mom told me you had wrote it...I had an interest. I'm also a very slow reader...for my age that is....I started reading your book in the afternoon wednesday..and between school and work...I finished it was did such a spectacular job!!!! I was completly obsessed with the book from start to end, I couldn't keep myself away from it! I was reading it every chance that I got! Anyways... I enjoyed it so much I thought I would just write you a note and tell you how much :o)
L.Blenus- New Brunswick, Canada

Linda Stubbs captures the personality of a West Highland white terrier without sounding silly or trite. The short chapters make for great bedtime reading, even by or to children. And Cody's encounters lend themselves nicely to family discussions about friendship, trust, and caring for the less fortunate. Cody's tale is imaginative, engaging, and lively -- fun reading for book and dog lovers of all ages.
What dogs would say if they could write!, Reviewer: amdbooks from North Carolina
A most delightful story full of humor, pathos, and drama. Codys escapades make this book most difficult to put down. One wants to read it from the first page to the last at one time. The young and old, and everyone in between, will love this heart-warming story.
Joyce Thornhill-Lampkin

A jaunty tale and authentically Westie throughout. I found the story gently engaging The writing reflects an exquisite, matter-of-fact sensitivity to the intangible bonds of human/canine relationships.
Dr. Jan Lloyd- DVM

The story was charming. It was easy to fall in love with the enterprising Cody and his adventures. There is an increasing demand for books for young readers and this one fills that void in an entertaining and charming manner. Adults and children will be entertained with this delightful read.
Dr. Carolyn Savoy- Professor, Dalhousie University
The first-person narration of I Am the Codyman from the dog's point of view gives this novel its unique charm. Linda Stubbs captures the energy and intelligence of a West Highland white terrier without sounding silly or trite. I Am the Codyman is a great book to read as a family, with short chapters perfect for bedtime reading. And Cody's encounters lend themselves nicely to discussions about friendship, trust, and caring for the less fortunate. Cody's tale is imaginative, engaging, and lively -- just like a Westie! -- and fun reading for book and dog lovers of all ages.

Anne Douglas- Book Ideas