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I Am The Codyman - by Linda Stubbs
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Archives- Spring
Yahoo! It is finally spring
I mean the real spring, not the fake one when it is still cold and snow is still falling. I mean the days are warmer and the flowers start popping out of the ground. You know, you get all tingly and you just have to go wandering, which I did last week. I snuck out Linda's work shop door and took off I traveled through everyones backyard and had a Great Time. until Linda appeared with my lead. It was good while it lasted and I probably will not get another chance. But, I will keep trying

I am going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer. We traded in our tent trailer for a Motor Home. It is going to be cool I will be able to go to sleep whenever I want. See you on the road.

Oh yes, I might get to see you at some Borders Book stores I will let you know very soon our Book signing Tour dates. Maybe I will drop into some Westie Specialties too,
I'm sorry I ran out of Kleenex !
Something smells good.
Any body else coming ??
Hey bird you missed !
Can I drive, please?
Cody sends you flowers